SIM Author's Works

SIM Author’s Works

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The Cyber War is Coming: What Executives, the Board and you should know
Marc Crudginton

Secure Enough?
Bryce Austin

Leading the Epic Revolution
Hunter Muller

Deep Undercover 
Jack Barsky, Cindy Coloma 

On Top of the Cloud
Hunter Muller

Genetics Isn’t Everything
Katherine S. Egan

The Transformational CIO
Hunter Muller

Decoding the IT Value Problem
Gregory J. Fell

Managing & Using Information Systems
Keri Pearlson, Carol Saunders, Dennis Galletta

What Every Engineer Should Know About Excel
J.P. Holman and Blake K. Holman

Confessions of a Successful CIO
Dan Roberts, Brian P. Watson

The SIM Guide to Enterprise Architecture
Leon A. Kappelman

Unleashing the Power of IT
Dan Roberts

The Big Shift in IT Leadership
Hunter Muller

IT Business Partnership
Joseph Topinka

The CEO of Technology
Hunter Muller

Experience: Caregivers Journey
Yasmin Zahra Shah

The Edge
Manoj Garg

Social Knowledge: Organizational Currencies in the New Knowledge Economy
Kenneth E Russell, PhD