Membership Benefits

Peer-to-Peer Connections

As a member of SIM, you have access to a vast network of peers and industry experts. Whether it's through your local chapter or our national conferences, SIM provides numerous opportunities for you to connect with other CIOs and tech leaders.

Exclusive Research and Insights

SIM members have access to exclusive research and insights on the latest trends and technologies. This information can help you stay ahead of the curve and make informed decisions for your organization. There are even opportunities to join a SIG in your area of interest and participate in our industry research.

Professional Development Opportunities

SIM offers a variety of professional development opportunities through the APC, SIM Leadership Institute, and RLF programs, including training and certification programs. These programs can help you build your skills and advance your career.

Local Chapter Communities

SIM has positioned itself as the local technology leadership community that gathers at the intersection of business strategy, technology, and leadership. With local chapters in metros across the country and a global network of the industry’s top technology leaders and professionals, we offer an unparalleled opportunity where "all ships can rise with the tide" through our Peer Groups, Special Interest Groups, and In-Person Technology Community Gatherings.

Local and National In-Person Gatherings

SIM events happen about four to six times a year and are an opportunity for members to meet face-to-face and collaboratively address the biggest challenges and opportunities they face.

Peer Groups

These groups are made up of members in similar roles from companies across all industries. It’s an amazing opportunity for members to connect and collaboratively address the biggest challenges and opportunities they face and exchange ideas, best practices to create "aha moments."

SIM Interest Groups (SIGs)

These are SIM groups focused around a particular topic, such as Cybersecurity. This structure inherently creates a "wisdom of the crowd" environment when members from all different backgrounds and years of experience come together to discuss and share on a particular subject.

The Advanced Practices Council (APC)

The APC is a unique peer network for senior technology and data executives who learn from world-renowned researchers and each other on topics they select at in-person meetings throughout the year. These gatherings are free of sponsors and selling to ensure intimacy among the limited group.

SIM Leadership Institute

Our Leadership Institute is committed to developing tomorrow's leaders today, with an array of programs designed to empower high-performing leaders through immersive learning and deep peer connections. The Leadership Institute can propel your skills, team, business, and career with our multitude of courses created over decades of proven education.

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