2024 Chapter Awards Winners Announced!

SIM recognizes members who contribute to the growth, advancement and excellence of their local chapter. This year, twelve recipients were chosen by a panel of judges and were formally recognized alongside all 20+ nominees at the 2024 Chapter Leader Summit in Dallas.

If you missed the celebration in Dallas, check out the recording here.

Congratulations to the winners!

  • SIM National Chapter Innovator of the Year
    • John Buccola, SoCal
    • Jim Martin, Boston
    • Laura Hemenway, Arizona

  • SIM National Chapter Champion of the Year
    • Chuck Williams, Detroit
    • Angela Venuk, DFW
    • Jake Westphal, SoCal

  • SIM National Chapter Community Impact Award
    • Gary Russell, Houston
    • Antonio Taylor, Memphis
    • Lucy Negron, Boston

  • SIM National Hall of Fame
    • Ephraim McLean, Atlanta
    • Andrew Jackson, DFW
    • Michael Sperling, Arizona

We are grateful to all our nominees who individually and collectively exemplify a commitment to building their local communities and living SIM’s brand. We also want to thank our judges, representing a cross-section of the country: 

  • Pradeep Kumar, Chair, Portland
  • Kevin Christ, Dallas-Fort Worth, 2023 Awardee
  • John Murdock, Charlotte, 2023 Awardee
  • Nanci Schimizzi, Capital Area, SIM Foundation Chair Emeritus
  • Helen Norris, SoCal, SIM National Board Director

2024 SIM National Chapter Leader Award Nominees: 

SIM National Chapter Champion of the Year

  • Chuck Williams, Detroit, Winner
  • Angela Venuk, DFW, Winner
  • Jake Westphal, SoCal, Winner
  • Mary Aylward, Boston
  • Laura Hemenway, Arizona
  • Matt Minoski, RTP

SIM NationalCommunity Impact Award

  • Gary Russell, Houston, Winner
  • Antonio Taylor, Memphis, Winner
  • Lucy Negron, Boston, Winner
  • John Bender, DFW, Winner

SIM National Innovator of the Year

  • John Buccola, SoCal, Winner
  • Jim Martin, Boston, Winner
  • Laura Hemenway, Arizona, Winner
  • Ketan Thanki, DFW

SIM National Hall of Fame

  • Ephraim McLean, Atlanta, Winner
  • Andrew Jackson, DFW, Winner
  • Michael Sperling, Arizona, Winner
  • Daidre Fanis, Charlotte
  • Cindy McKenzie, SoCal
  • Rick Carney, NJ
  • Rhona Kannon, Fairfield Westchester
  • Dennis Ravenelle, Boston

Congratulations to the 2024 SIM Chapter Leaders of the Year!

About the Chapter Leader Awards

The Chapter Leader Awards provide a means for SIM to recognize chapter leader contributions to the growth, advancement, and excellence of SIM at the local level.                

Individuals may nominate themselves or another deserving candidate within SIM. Anyone can submit a nomination. The selection committee will evaluate all nominees and select the most qualified candidates, regardless of chapter size in each of the categories below.
  • SIM National Chapter Innovator of the Year
    The Chapter Innovator of the Year award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional creativity and innovation in advancing the chapter's goals and mission. The award showcases innovative ideas and practices, providing valuable insights and best practices for other chapters to learn from and apply in their own operations. Ultimately, the Chapter Innovator of the Year award aims to acknowledge and promote innovation, creativity, and excellence within both the chapter and the broader organization or community.

  • SIM National Chapter Champion of the Year
    Chapter Champion of the Year award recognizes an individual who has gone above and beyond to raise awareness of the chapter by recruiting new members, improving brand awareness through marketing and social media, organizing successful events, providing mentorship or support to other members, or advocating for the chapter in the community.

  • SIM National Chapter Community Impact Award
    The Chapter Community Impact Award acknowledges chapter leaders who have made notable positive contributions to the community through philanthropic work, volunteerism, community involvement, or any other valuable service. This award recognizes their outstanding achievements and serves as an inspiration for others to emulate. It honors individuals who have positively impacted both the chapter and the wider community.

  • SIM National Hall of Fame
    The SIM National Hall of Fame recognizes and honors an individual's significant and outstanding contributions, typically over a long period of time. This award acknowledges the recipient's extraordinary dedication and commitment to the organization and its goals, and their lasting impact on the chapter's success and growth. The award serves as a way to acknowledge the individual's exceptional leadership, mentorship, and volunteerism within the chapter, and to inspire other members to follow in their footsteps.

SIM National Hall of Fame

Andrew Jackson, DFW, 2024
Ephraim McLean, Atlanta, 2024
Patricia Randall, Boston, 2023
Michael Sperling, Arizona, 2024